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This page contains further information on Art Rosenfeld, from an endowed chair to the Rosenfeld, a unit of electricity savings.

The Endowed Rosenfeld Chair

2011: In recognition of Dr. Rosenfeld’s achievements in energy efficiency, the University of California at Davis established the Rosenfeld Chair at the UC-Davis Energy Efficiency Center.


Rosenfeld A. 1999. The Art of Energy Efficiency: Protecting the Environment with Better Technology. Annual Review of Energy and the Environment 24: 33-82. (PDF, 2.9 MB)

On Dr. Rosenfeld’s Work in California

Rosenfeld A. 2011. California Enhances Energy Efficiency. In D. Hafemeister, D. Kammen, B.G. Levi, and P. Schwartz (Eds.), Physics of Sustainable Energy II: Using Energy Efficiently and Producing It Renewably (pp. 7-25). AIP Conf. Proc. 1401, 7. (PDF, 653 KB)

Rosenfeld A. & Poskanzer D. 2009. A Graph Is Worth a Thousand Gigawatt-Hours: How California Came to Lead the United States in Energy Efficiency. Journal Innovations: 57-79. (PDF, 459 KB)

The “Rosenfeld” Metric for Avoided Power Plants

One Rosenfeld is the annual avoided electric energy—3 BkWh—generated by a typical 500-MW coal-fired power plant. As a measure of improved electric efficiency, one Rosenfeld expresses the savings and avoidance of the cost and pollution involved in constructing and operating the power plant.

Koomey J. et al. 2010. Defining a Standard Metric for Electricity Savings. (PDF, 541 KB)

Dr. Rosenfeld Wins Global Energy International Prize

“Cal Physicist Arthur Rosenfeld Wins the Energy Prize”. San Francisco Chronicle. 28 April 2011.

The Rosenfeld Fund

Information about the Rosenfeld Fund for Global Sustainable Development (PDF, 386 KB)

Older Materials

For papers and presentations between 2003 and April 2010, visit Dr. Rosenfeld’s page on the California Energy Commission website.

High-resolution Photographs of Dr. Rosenfeld

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Fermi Award Acceptance (JPEG, 521 KB)
National Medal of Technology and Innovation Ceremony (JPEG, 1.0 MB)