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The Rosenfeld Question: Art Rosenfeld’s Tang Lecture Given by Ashok Gadgil

How do you speak on behalf of a living legend like Berkeley Lab’s Art Rosenfeld, a particle physicist who attained international recognition as the “godfather of energy efficiency?” That was the challenge faced by Ashok Gadgil, Science and Technology Deputy for Berkeley Lab’s Energy Technologies Area, on September 25, 2016, in Taipei City, Taiwan. Last June, Rosenfeld […]

Berkeley Lab’s Art Rosenfeld Recognized with Tang Prize for Sustainable Development

The Tang Prize Foundation  announced that the 2016 prize in Sustainable Development goes to Berkeley Lab’s Arthur Rosenfeld, known in the field as the “godfather” of energy efficiency. He was chosen as the category’s awardee “for his lifelong and pioneering innovations in energy efficiency resulting in immense reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions around […]


President Obama Honors Berkeley Lab’s Art Rosenfeld as One of the Nation’s Top Technology Innovators

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) Distinguished Scientist Emeritus Art Rosenfeld has been awarded one of the nation’s top prizes for his contributions to the field of energy efficiency.

Berkeley Lab Distinguished Scientist Art Rosenfeld Wins Global Energy Prize

Distinguished Scientist Art Rosenfeld has been awarded the Global Energy International Prize for his contributions to the field of energy efficiency. The Global Energy International Prize was established by Russian scientists in 2002 “for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of energy which have proved of benefit to the entire human race.”

You Can Thank Arthur Rosenfeld for Energy Savings

When octogenarian Arthur H. Rosenfeld vacates his utilitarian office at the California Energy Commission this week, one of his final tasks might seem of little consequence: He’ll turn off the lights.

“The Rosenfeld” Named After California’s Godfather of Energy Efficiency

Pioneering French physicists Marie and Pierre Curie have the curie, a unit of radioactivity, named after them. Renowned inventor Nikola Tesla is honored with the tesla, which measures a magnetic field. And now, the Rosenfeld, proposed as a unit for electricity savings, will be named after the man seen by many people as the godfather of energy efficiency, Arthur Rosenfeld.